SeruGlow MD Microchanneling

SeruGlow MD Microchanneling

What is SeruGlow MD?

SeruGlow MD is an in-office microchanneling treatment that infuses customized serums directly into the skin, to rejuvenate it and address common concerns. It is a type of microinfusion facial, the microchanneling aspect of SeruGlow MD helps stimulate collagen and elastin, while the serums help hydrate, brighten, and smooth skin. Microchanneling is a great way to upgrade your Custom Facial.

What is Microchanneling?

Microchanneling is a treatment whereby a needle-studded device is used to create tiny channels, or micro injuries, in the skin that trigger the body’s natural healing process that stimulates new collagen production over the next few months. The skin becomes smoother and firmer with improved tone and texture. Immediately post-treatment, skin looks more radiant, likely because the superficial damage to the skin—coupled with the active ingredients in the serums—causes it to plump up. For most skin concerns, 2 to 4 treatments approximately 4 weeks apart are typically needed and then a maintenance treatment is recommended every 6 to 12 months.

SeruGlow MD is a device that uses 24 karat gold–plated surgical steel microneedles to inject small amounts of serum into the superficial layers of the skin. Each of the 20 needles is finer than a single hair strand, which allows for a comfortable treatment. Topical anesthetic is not needed. During the procedure, the device is employed in a stamp-like motion across the skin while infusing the high quality serums and/or PRP into the dermal layer.

What serums are available?

There are four SeruGlow MD serums to help improve skin’s overall texture and tone, and we can combine two in a session-- customized to your personal skin concerns and goals.

  • Hydration: SeruGlow HA Factor contains a 1% high molecular weight hyaluronic acid which helps aid in skin hydration, resulting in the overall improvement of the appearance of the skin texture and tone.
  • Anti-Aging: SeruGlow Age Complex Plus is an anti-aging solution that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and beautify the skin.
  • Versatile: SeruGlow Hydra-Vit Complex delivers a powerful formula of over 40 minerals, vitamins, and skin-essential ingredients that aids in the improvement and overall appearance of the skin.
  • Pigment & Tone: SeruGlow Bright Complex helps improve uneven skin tone and dark spots.
  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma): Upgrade your SeruGlow MD Microchanneling treatment with PRP. PRP consists of two elements: plasma, or the liquid portion of blood, and platelets, a type of blood cell that plays an important role in healing throughout the body. Platelets are well-known for their clotting abilities, but they also contain growth factors that can trigger cell reproduction and stimulate tissue regeneration or healing in the treated area. PRP is simply blood that contains more platelets than normal. To create platelet-rich plasma, clinicians take a blood sample from the patient and place it into a device called a centrifuge that rapidly spins the sample, separating out the other components of the blood from the platelets and concentrating them within the plasma. Learn More about PRP


What are the Pros & Cons of Microchanneling?


  • Microchanneling is a good option for a variety of concerns, including fine lines, dryness, and pigmentation irregularities.
  • Treatment typically takes less than 30 minutes, depending on the areas being treated.
  • Microchanneling doesn’t involve the delivery of heat (or radiofrequency)—so it’s safe to use on all skin tones, without the risk of pigmentation changes that laser and light procedures can cause.
  • Because the treatment uses very fine needles, there’s no discomfort.
  • If you are considering Microneedling with Radiofrequency but are concerned about the energy and comfort, microchanneling is a good introductory treatment.
  • There are four serums available and a PRP upgrade option. Each serum is geared toward a specific skin concern, including hydration, fine lines, dark spots and uneven skin tone, and overall skin improvement.
  • Treatment can be customized to treat localized problem areas and can be done anywhere on the body.
  • Because select areas of the skin are targeted and the surrounding skin and tissue remain untouched, recovery is usually minimal—from a few hours to a day of social downtime.


  • You’ll need a series of treatments, to get the full benefits, and touch-up sessions are needed in order to maintain them.
  • Immediately post-treatment your skin may look pink and inflamed. This typically resolves within 24 hours, but in some cases, may linger for a day or two after treatment.

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